Spooky Fruits for a Healthy Halloween!

Spooky Fruits for a Healthy Halloween!

This is a great, healthy idea for kids to make in Halloween!! Let me make this clear, I don’t have kids nor I’m looking to get pregnant anytime soon. However, when I got this idea the first thing that came to mind was: ‘what a great option for kids, isn’t it?’

Halloween-PumpkinAnyway, I woke up late (as usual) and my husband had gone out to buy something at the grocery store. I decided I wanted to “scare him” more like give him a surprise for Halloween. I figured that given that I was going to make breakfast, why not use some fruits I had leftover and create a Spooky Halloween platter with fruits! BOOM!

I used some leftover pineapple, 1 banana, 2 pitted dates, a few chocolate chips and raisins and let my imagination do the rest!



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